Newsletter June 2019 Adventure Dolphin Race Group – Pangbourne Canoe Club

Newsletter June 2019 Adventure Dolphin Race Group – Pangbourne Canoe Club

Great start to Introduction to Race Boats Evening Course

The intro to race boats evening course got off to a great start with only one capsize so far three weeks into the course, dispelling the myth that race boats are wobbly! As well as venturing onto the river, participants have perfected their technique on the paddling machines. Amy has made amazing progress paddling a Zeta, a really cool fast boat, last session.

Dad Neil on the paddling machine with daughter Amy giving encouragement!

The next course starts on Thursday 6th June and there are still places available.  We take children from 8 years upwards, including adults. It’s great fun and you will be surprised how good you are.

Wedding Bells

I am delighted to announce that David M and Beverley H were married on Saturday 18th May.  David is one of our coaches and Beverley helps at the Pangbourne Hasler and Watersides. The reception was on the Cholsey and Wallingford Railway – a really relaxing way to celebrate.

David and Beverley -Just Married

Promotion for Daisy in Basingstoke Hasler

Sunday 19th May was the Basingstoke Hasler. Daisy was promoted from division 9 to 8, coming 4th in the race, with only adult paddlers ahead of her.  Congratulations!  She had a good start and kept up the momentum right to the finish.

Daisy off the start line

Bronze for Ruth and Vicky

Ruth S paddling with Vicky M were third in 8K2.  Talking to Ruth after the race, she told me “ I was a bit nervous off the start, but the nerves disappeared the moment we got going.  We had a good turn and were able to wash-hang another K2 easily because the paddlers were both wearing bright orange.  Vicky was good to paddle with.”

Ruth and Vicky battling the wash at the start
Ruth and Vicky pick up their trophies

Chris R completed 9K1 in 49:29 (11th/16) experiencing one of those crowded canal starts where the wash always results in a few swims – but not Chris this time!

Chris on the start line

Ian P got into a boat jam at the start of 8K1 (through no fault of his own) but paddled so hard throughout the race – you could see how hard he worked when he got off the water – well done Ian!

Ian P waiting in the start line up

In 5K2 Paul A & Steve M and brother and sister team of Fay and Stu had an interesting race with 13 boats pushing the start line and Stu determined to get pole position. Fay and Stu were 7th Paul and Steve were 9th.

Stu and Fay in perfect sync
Steve and Paul Edging the boat on a right turn

James B and Peter W were our only C2 pairing completing their division 6 race in 1:29:02.  Well done on handling that big boat on a narrow canal, gentlemen!

James and Peter- determination and skill

Owen B, sporting a new haircut, travelled up from Southampton to race in 4K1, completing the 8.8-mile course in 01:23:29.

Owen skillfully negotiates the turn

Simon TC looked on good form in 3K1 but retired before the finish. On 5th June Simon did rather better in the Wey Hasler. He was paddling out of region in a strong field completing the 12 mile course in 01:58:19.  Well done Simon!

Simon with that look of determination

What a fantastic race day, and many thanks to Basingstoke Canal Canoe Club for hosting the event! 

Come and Try

We are very keen to get more people in race boats, young and old alike!  You will be amazed at how fast you can go and how much fun you can have doing exercise!  Our next come and try session is Saturday 15th June – morning.  Contact for more information.  If you can’t make this but want to have a go still get in touch and we will try to organize it for you.