Silver Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

Silver Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

Age: 15 or in year 10 (must complete by your 25th birthday)

The Silver Award consists of three sections and an expedition:

The three sections of Volunteering, Physical and Skills have to be completed over different periods. Volunteering for six months, followed by either the Skill or Physical for six months, and the remaining section for three months.

If you are a direct entrant to the Silver, not having completed the Bronze Award then a further six months must be added either on Volunteering or the longer section of the Physical or Skill section. This is averaged out at an hour per week per sectional activity.

The Expedition
The Silver expedition takes place over three days and two nights.  You will usually camp, participants must be self-sufficient and the group will be located a little further afield than the Bronze expedition.

Silver walking has in the past been on the Isle of Purbeck, Marlborough Downs and the Chilterns, while those canoeing have explored the River Thames.

Each day must consist of:

  • Seven hours of planned activity
  • Tented accommodation
  • A minimum of three and a half hours journey
  • A research project (the findings of which you will present on your return).

All participants must complete both a training expedition and a qualifying expedition.

Adventure Dolphin’s Silver Award
At Silver, Adventure Dolphin offers a choice between canoeing and walking expeditions and other sections that young people can complete through the Centre or locally to us.

Keen to ensure that you are not restricted to this area or in your choice of activities we will work with you to help you find an activity to suit – it really is your choice! 

Assessments: Each activity will be assessed and we will advise you as to who your chosen activity.

For further information please contact us on