Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

Age: 16 years (must complete by your 25th birthday)

The Gold Award consists of four sections and a residential:

  • Volunteering
  • Physical
  • Skills
  • Expedition

The three sections of Volunteering, Physical and Skills have to be completed over different periods. Volunteering for 12 months, followed by either the Skill or Physical for 12 months, and the remaining section for six months.

If someone is joining just for their Gold they have to follow either the volunteering or the longest of the physical or skill they have chosen for a further six months making 18 months in all. This is averaged out at an hour per week per sectional activity.

Residential section
At Gold you are also required to complete a residential experience.  This is completed over five days and four nights in shared accommodation with a group of young people that you won’t have meet before, in a setting of the group’s choice that meets the requirements for the DoE.

The Expedition
Completed over four days and three nights, the gold expedition usually involves camping, but this time, you have the choice of completing you journey in an area of your choice by Canoeing or Walking (dependent on individual’s skill set).

During the expedition you must be self-sufficient and follow 20 conditions set out by DofE.  Your trip will take you to a relatively remote or isolated area (transport via mini bus) and day must consist of:

  • Eight hours of planned activity
  • Tented accommodation
  • Completing a journey
  • A research project (the finding of which you will present on your return)

All participants must complete a training expedition and a qualifying expedition.

Adventure Dolphin’s Gold Award
As one of our Gold Award participants you will be offered the opportunity to undertake a walking or canoeing expedition and a variety of activities to complete your other sections at the Centre or locally to us.

Keen to ensure that you are not restricted to this area or in your choice of activities we will work with you to help you find an activity to suit – it really is your choice! 

Assessments: Each activity will be assessed and we will advise you as to who your chosen activity.

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