Bronze Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

Bronze Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

Age: 14 or in year 9 (must complete by your 25th birthday)

The Bronze Award consists of three sections and an expedition:

  • Volunteering
  • Physical
  • Skills

Each section has to be completed over a three month with one of them being extended to six month period which usually averages out at an hour per week, per sectional activity. 

The Expedition
All participants are required to complete a training expedition and a qualifying expedition.

The expedition takes place over two days and usually involves camping!  Participants must be self-sufficient, so you can’t nip to the shops on-route.

The expedition is planned relatively close to home and each day must include:

  • Six hours of activity
  • The minimum of a journey – either walking or canoeing
  • A research project (the findings of which you will present on your return).

All participants must complete a training expedition and a qualifying expedition.

Adventure Dolphin’s Bronze Award
As one of our Bronze Award participants you will be offered the opportunity to undertake a walking expedition and a variety of activities to complete the other section at the Centre or locally to us.

Keen to ensure that you are not restricted to this area or in your choice of activities we will work with you to help you find an activity to suit – it really is your choice! 

Assessments: Each activity will need to be assessed by an expert in that field.

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