PCC Update

National Marathon Championships, Reading 21-22 July 2018
Over the weekend 21st-22nd July Pangbourne Canoe Club, the Adventure Dolphin Race group, competed in the British National Marathon Championships at Reading. Over 1000 boats from 55 clubs from all over the UK and some visiting international paddlers competed. Scorching temperatures made the event even more challenging but if you got too hot, you could always take a swim!

The team of 9 K2s (double kayaks), 7 K1s, 1 C2 (double canoe) and 1 C1, did us proud.
Vicky achieved a podium position; Gold for the O59 _ VLK1, this was an outstanding result – Vicky is the top in the country for her group!

Tommy achieved a much deserved promotion to division 4 in U18_JMK1, competing against a field of paddlers ranked largely in divisions 1-3.

Juniors, Amy and Jensen, completed their 3.5km Lightning (junior K1) race in under 30 minutes. This was Amy’s first race and she did well despite a problem with her rudder. Jensen teamed up with a Reading paddler to race in K2 as well. Rhys made his debut in K2 covering 3.5km in just over 30 minutes. Owen showed great fortitude by racing in K1 on Saturday and two K2 races on Sunday. The biggest race of the weekend was the mixed K2 with 81 boats on the start line. The wash was not quite a tsunami but nevertheless quite substantial for anyone in a wobbly boat. Peter teamed up with a paddler from Kirkcaldy for this event. Caroline teamed up with Shirley taking 4th place in O44_VLK2 – a fantastic result. Paul, Steve, Jarvis, Matt, Owen, Hazel and Vicky also raced in K2 on the Sunday.

A great weekend for both competitors and spectators. Many thanks to Reading Canoe Club and their many willing volunteers for hosting the event. It was brilliantly organised.

Report on Longridge Hasler Saturday 25th July 2018 – More Pottery for Pangbourne

It was a bank holiday weekend….and we’re at a loose end…., so a small but select team from Pangbourne Canoe Club/Adventure Dolphin chose to race four, eight or twelve miles in a K1, K2 or C2 in the final Hasler Series race of 2018 at the Longridge Hasler on Saturday 25th July.

The crowning glory must go to Peter W and James B who won division nine doubles. Peter and James are more accustomed to a double-edged sword (kayak paddle with two blades) but swapped their usual weapon for a single blade (canoe paddle with one blade) and won the division nine doubles race in a canoe rather than a kayak. Their prize was a Longridge Canoe Club mug – a trophy to be cherished and certainly not put in the dishwasher or the writing rapidly vanishes. They were also promoted to division eight. The challenge now is to win division eight.

Paul A and Steve M raced in division six doubles, coming second so gaining a much sought-after Longridge Mug. Paul was promoted from division seven to division five, so quite an achievement.
Chris R delivered a steady performance in a strong division nine singles field where the first nine paddlers were promoted to division eight or higher. The winner was actually promoted to division six.

Fay B and Caroline W did a good time in division five doubles despite the times being fast and Fay having to paddle up a division.
Steve McCluskey