Trips planning ‘pod’

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The “trips planning pod”, as it is called, is responsible for organizing and developing a range of canoeing activities for the members of the Charity and in some special cases non-members.

The pod comprises a number of qualified open canoe and kayak coaches who get together approximately once a quarter to review past events and to plan the events and trips for the year ahead.

It has direct links with and representations on the Charities’ Seneschal Committee, (reponsible for co-ordinating all aspects of the Charities day-to-day activities), and promotes the approved events, trips and courses via the Charities’ website, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

The pod aims to provide opportunities for the followings types of events, trips and courses:

  • BCU star award training and assessments
  • BCU canoe coaching training and assessments
  • Safety and rescue training and assessments
  • Sea kayaking trips
  • White water trips, kayak and open canoe
  • Open canoe specific skills
  • Touring award training and assessments
  • Canoeing trips abroad
  • Artificial white water course experiences
  • Open canoe touring
  • Events involving local equipment suppliers
  • Ongoing coach development and updating opportunities


The trips planning pod is always looking for new ideas for trips and events and actively welcomes them via Email: or feel free to speak to us via our central phone number 0118 440 3038 (manned by volunteers).