General Risks (Water)

Assumed risk sport and personal responsibility

The club requires that all its members and participants acknowledge and recognise British Canoeing’s Participation Statement: “Canoeing and kayaking are assumed risk water contact sports that may carry attendant risks. Participants should be aware of and accept these risks, and be responsible for their own action and involvement.”

The existence of operating guidelines and risk assessment does not detract from the personal responsibility of all involved in paddling activities. If parents/guardians permit their child to take part in activities they are accepting these responsibilities on behalf of their child.

Personal Safety

As with all sports and particularly water sports, there is a potential for coming into contact with viral or bacterial infections. Members/Participants are advised to wash after being in water or using Club equipment.

Paddling Alone

Paddlers are advised to notify someone ashore when paddling alone, and to wear a buoyancy aid.

Coaches and leaders’ qualifications

The club is an informal organisation. British Canoeing provides a qualification framework for coaches and leaders. …… These qualifications provide guidance for clubs, but equivalent experience is also valid in a club environment where participation is at the individual’s risk.

Club status

Adventure Dolphin is a non-profit-making canoe, kayak and climbing club run by its members for its members. The club is affiliated to British Canoeing and is insured via the British Canoeing insurance scheme.

General Risk (Climbing)

I acknowledge & understand the information below regarding the Climbing Wall.  I have ensured that my child/I understand the information & for his/her/my safety & for the safety of the group that any rules & instructions given by staff are obeyed.

The Dolphin Centre recognises that climbing & mountaineering are adventurous activities with a danger of personal injury or death.  Although we are managing the risk, participants should be aware of & accept these risks & be responsible for their own actions.

Injuries are possible in climbing, as in all sporting activities & as a result of over training, inappropriate training regimes, or poor technique as well as those that might be sustained during a slip or fall, or if something or someone falls on a person.