Privacy policy

Data collected without your knowledge

Each time you visit this site we determine and store your IP address. We do this to generate statistics and understand who is using our website. From this information we can derive your approximate location (city and country) and monitor how often you visit the site. We can’t use this information to identify you as an individual, unless you enter personal data in to our website (see section below).

Every time you visit this site a small file is saved to your computer. This file, normally just a few bytes large, is called a cookie. It can not and will not damage your computer, and cannot be used to access your personal information or data. Along with your IP address we use this cookie to generate statistics, track your use of the site and save details about you temporarily. Our site requires the ability to save cookies to your computer.


Data collected with your knowledge

Data submitted through any contact forms on our website will be used only for the purpose stated. It will not be stored, transmitted or utilised for any purpose other than for those detailed on the form itself. Unless required to do so by a court of law we will not inform any other person or organisation that you contacted us using our website.

Data stored about you through your membership is entirely voluntary. You do not need to register to become a member of Adventure Dolphin, and should you wish to remove your data from the site you need only delete your account from your user dashboard. You can also contact us to request that we remove any data stored about you on our website.

Photos and videos that depict you are uploaded by other users of the site, and the responsibility for their upload is with this user. Whilst most media is moderated by our staff, should you wish to have a photo depicting you removed, please email the link to the photo to any of our staff or Email: