Introduction to Stand Up Paddling

The aim is to give participants all the essential skills to be able to use a Stand Up Paddleboard effectively and safely on flat water in sheltered conditions.
We are running two 90 minute sessions, which will include introduction to the equipment, clothing and buoyancy aids. We will then take the SUPs to the water and introduce participants to essential skills. Each session is booked individually and for up to seven people in one session.
If you have tried stand up paddling before, we are happy for you to return to improve your skills.

Session One – 1300 Session Two – 1500
Sunday 30/09/2018

Session One 14.30 and Session Two 16.30
Sunday 30/09/2018

It is very likely that you will fall into the water. Please wear light weight sports clothing and either a pair of trainers or beach shoes, that you do not mind getting wet. It is advisable to remove jewellery and watches. If you wear glasses, it is useful to wear a retainer strap to avoid accidental loss. We have light weight wind proof tops available which are useful to help keep you warm, when you get wet. If you have one, it may be worth wearing a wetsuit. Please bring a change of clothes with you. There are changing rooms and showers at the club house.
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