Coach Development

Adventure Dolphin offers individuals the opportunity to complete the British Canoeing coach training and assessment. These courses ensure that coaches are fully and properly prepared to take part in the sport and can instruct others in all aspects of technique, safety and understanding.

As part of this development programme Foundation Modules/courses have been developed by the British Canoeing providing an insight into different topic areas including:

  • Fitness for Paddlesport
  • Coaching the Mind
  • Performance Planning for Paddlesport Coaches
  • Mentoring for Paddlesport Coaches
  • Coaching Young Paddlers
  • Fundamental Paddlesport Skills
  • Swimming Pools and Paddlesport

For more detailed information about the individual courses visit British Canoeing’s website at Courses can be run on an adhoc basis dependant on demand, but please see planned dates below.  To register an interest and for up-to-date information, please email:

Coaching Qualifications
From Level 1 to Level 4 – The tests and qualifications are structured to take account of the type of craft being used and the nature of the environment, for instance very sheltered water through to white water (demanding conditions).
Adventure Dolphin runs several British Canoeing coaching courses throughout the year enabling paddlers to qualify at various levels dependant on their skill set and experience.

In addition to booking on one of our Coaching courses you will need to register with British Canoeing as explained here Registration Guidance & Coach Registration Form
Further details can be obtained via Email: or by calling: 0118 440 3038.

Course: Coach Level 1
This is the first level on the coaching pathway, those completing the course will be able to act as an assistant coach.

Course Dates:
To be advised please contact for further information.

Course Times:

Course Prices:
Members: £220
Non-Members: £245