Adventure Dolphin

Welcome to Adventure Dolphin. We provide outdoor and adventurous activities for people in West Berkshire.

Share your love for your sport with the next generation.


If you're thinking of becoming a coach it's important to make sure you have all the neccesary experience. If you're taking a step along the coaching ladder, then we can help you get the experience you need to build on your existing qualifications.

By volunteering at Adventure Dolphin you'll get experience to help you work as a coach in your chosen sport. Go on a trip with us, help run a course or lead activities at one of our clubs.


Adventure Dolphin has a national reputation for excellence. You can be part of our reputation by undertaking a coaching course in your chosen sport at one of our centres.

Courses run every year, and our brochure will give you an idea of which courses we have available. To find upcoming courses select your sport:

Your future

We'd love to help you build up your experience as a coach, and we have plenty of opportunities for you to take. Getting a qualification and volunteering at Adventure Dolphin is just the start - who knows where you might end up?